Friday, March 25, 2011

Roasted Maca Drink

I am a big big fan of the adaptogenic herb called Maca, (other adaptogenic herbs are ginseng, ashwaganda)

A good website to learn about the properties of Maca is called Maca Magic, they show different studies and generally answer tons of questions.

My husband and I both use Maca for energy, stress, and also deeper sleep and for blood sugar balancing-hunger. We saw the difference immediately, within days of starting to take it. It is very inexpensive and I get it for only $12.99 a pound for organic Red Maca from

Before you use Maca, or (any of the adaptogenic herbs), do read up on them, as they are powerful. You need to figure out what is the right amount for you. My husband takes half what I do and we both get the same great results.

I just made myself the drink that you can make from roasted Maca, which I bought from Nutsonline also. It is actually tasty and is a great substitute for coffee, can give you a lift but
not a buzz that messes with your sleep like caffeine can do. This is only $11.99 pound. You brew it like you do coffee. It looks more like tea, (at least the strength I made it) and tastes slightly bitter like coffee, I put Stevia in it a natural sweetener and really enjoyed it!

So, If you are looking at adaptogenic herbs for different uses, and want something that helps with the endocrine system, and re balancing your energy and vitality, then do a bit of studying about Maca and it's attributes. Give it a try and let me know what it did for you....

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