Friday, March 25, 2011

Roasted Maca Drink

I am a big big fan of the adaptogenic herb called Maca, (other adaptogenic herbs are ginseng, ashwaganda)

A good website to learn about the properties of Maca is called Maca Magic, they show different studies and generally answer tons of questions.

My husband and I both use Maca for energy, stress, and also deeper sleep and for blood sugar balancing-hunger. We saw the difference immediately, within days of starting to take it. It is very inexpensive and I get it for only $12.99 a pound for organic Red Maca from

Before you use Maca, or (any of the adaptogenic herbs), do read up on them, as they are powerful. You need to figure out what is the right amount for you. My husband takes half what I do and we both get the same great results.

I just made myself the drink that you can make from roasted Maca, which I bought from Nutsonline also. It is actually tasty and is a great substitute for coffee, can give you a lift but
not a buzz that messes with your sleep like caffeine can do. This is only $11.99 pound. You brew it like you do coffee. It looks more like tea, (at least the strength I made it) and tastes slightly bitter like coffee, I put Stevia in it a natural sweetener and really enjoyed it!

So, If you are looking at adaptogenic herbs for different uses, and want something that helps with the endocrine system, and re balancing your energy and vitality, then do a bit of studying about Maca and it's attributes. Give it a try and let me know what it did for you....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling unwell

So, Tuesday I woke with a bad sore throat, out of the I went about my day, I started to see this was not going away and I had to do something about it.

I booked in with my acupuncturist, to nip this in the bud and though my fever spiked in the night I did wake feeling better then the day before. But, I was still not myself...and thus, I cancelled treating my clients, as firstly, I do not want to infect anyone, and secondly, I do not feel I can give 100% when not feeling 100%.

This is a good time to see, how my health is so important to myself and to others also. All our health is isn't it? As we all have connections and people that count on us whether family, friends, partners, colleagues, clients....

Are you able to really take care of your health at the drop of a dime??

For me, as health is my business, I actually am very good at self care, but, I am aware how so few people have lives that permit this kind self care.

I have always believed that our foundations must be solid to be a support to anyone else! Like the airplane analogy, putting the oxygen mask on YOURSELF first, or you can't really help the person next to you...

So, I ask everyone, do you have a plan of action if you need to get help quick for your health, especially if you are a practitioner, do you have someone you know will be there to help you?

If you are not, do you have a natural doctor/homeopath/reflexologist/acupuncturist you trust?
Of course the first thing to do is go to your family gp if you feel it warrants it, but as with mine it was just a seasonal cold which allopathic medicine has no real way to get rid of this but so many natural medicines truly do.

So check out your local community of health care providers, and find one you can trust for the basics like preventative stress relief to real health challenges like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, flu's, etc etc.

And then rest easy that you have a plan if need be....


Friday, March 11, 2011


I was at a friends last night and I did a mini hand Reflexology to her husband to give him a taste of what Reflexology feels like.

As I sat in silence in his office, with his hands in mine, watching his breathing go deeper and his face soften into a place of peace, I felt what I have felt many many times....that it is an honor to be practicing Reflexology. Every person I touch, has to have an element of trust in the process and in me, to let go, shut their eyes, and disconnect from the world while I work on them. As 95% of people go into a deep deep place of relaxation or sleep, this fact makes the trust even more obvious.

The fact that so many clients tell me of amazing changes they experience brings even more awe of the process and I feel privileged to be doing this as my profession.